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   Welcome to the home of The Doc James Band Featuring HONEY.  We specialize in weddings and corporate entertainment.  We tailor our musical style to fit whatever crowd might be in attendance at your event. We incorporate a diversity of 12 musical styles all played live for your entertainment. Your guests will stay on the dance floor because of the party atmosphere that we bring to any special event! 


   More than just music and entertainment, we have one of the best light shows in the area.  Tired of finding bands with the same 20 songs?  Allow us to amaze you with our 200+ library of songs that we perform as well as any special requests that you may have. The Doc James Band (DJB) can be found playing throughout the Omaha and mid-west areas at weddings, corporate functions, and festivals.

I have been married 6 months now, and the only thing anyone remembers is how amazing the band was!

- Emily and Chris Bessette


We love to dance, so we wanted a band that would get the people dancing and that, is exactly what we got!

- Kassy and Phil Knudson


Not only is their music great and their looks smooth, but their stage and lighting set-up transforms any venue into your very own private concert hall (which makes for incredible photos, by the way!).

- Khara Plicanic